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Can I just argue how sick I am of everyone? even the nice people and their superficial niceness like fuck off you cant honestly be that nice to an annoying person like me.

I haven’t felt this low about how my friends view me since I was sixteen/seventeen. like i’m nineteen. i go to uni. ive made a shitload of friends. i had a party which a lot of people there. why am i feeling like this?

oh cause apparently 1) i can’t be jokingly mean to people cause i’m too mean when they mock me first. right. cool. 2) being judged for who i am and being honest. and 3) having views that is ALWAYS countered against. like bro my views are on fucking par with almost everyone on tumblr, why should i be attacked?

why am i the person who always gets walked on but i can’t even tippy toe by the side of a person

like what am i just an annoying creature to be gone?

fuck you all i can’t deal with any of my friends or acquaintances shit anymore. I’ll stay quiet for you fuckers and be nice and fake and be EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FUCKING DICTATE MY LIFE.

cause you all prefer the silence of someone who feels oppression than deal with the fact i have a voice.


i’m glad bo shares my thought on this

"   I hate people generally, but I like people individually.   "
-(via mcccviii)

Grimes performing @ Budwieser Made In AmericaAugust 31, 2014. PhiladelphiaPhoto by David Maialett for

Portrait of Aunt Pepa, 1896
Pablo Picasso

Valie Export video installation at Charim Galerie, 2012

Into the Wild (2007)